Einladung zur Südback 2017

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Wir suchen: Dipl.-Ing. Fachrichtung Elektrotechnik m/w

Für den Aufbau unserer Elektroabteilung suchen wir den jungen dynamischen Berufseinsteiger...

For your bakery we design and supply the complete internal logistics for bakery products, racks, crates and pallets.



Product Conveying Systems

The production areas are linked together by automatic conveying systems. Based on standardised components, your equipment is customised to the specific structural conditions and formulations.

Cooling Spiral Conveyor

The cooling spiral conveyor enables long transport distances, e. g. for product cooling, at low space requirement.

Crate Warehouse: Stacker and Destacker

Stacker and destacker are important elements of a crate warehouse - DMA designs and supplies them for individual and standardised crates. We achieve performances of up to 2,500 units per hour.

Crate Conveying Systems

Many industrial bakeries successfully work with DMA equipment. The fully automatic crate transport from returns to commissioning is an effective mean of rationalisation: for the whole process no personnel is required.

Vertical Side Grip Conveyor in S-Shape

The S-shaped vertical side grip conveyor lifts or lowers the empty crates from one level to another without stopping or clocking.

Pallet Corner Transfer

This element turns the pallet; the conveying direction is changed by 90 degrees.


Crates were automatically removed from the pallet.
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