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DMA Offers Conveying Systems and Equipment for All Segments of the Food and Beverage Industry:



Crate Warehouse / Crate Conveying Systems

DMA offers innovative and individual comprehensive solutions with first-class equipment for transportation and warehousing. Our systems enable a fully automatic crate transport from returns to commissioning; no personnel is required.

DMA equipment provides for an optimal supply to your production facilities. Cleaned crates are directly transported to the line. In case of oversupply, crates are stockpiled in the warehouse. In case of undersupply, additional crates are released from stock.

Other advantages:

  • high density crate storage, therefore optimal space utilisation
  • low floor loading: equipment can be installed later without any structural changes to buildings
  • excellent hygiene conditions: the storage area is completely free of equipment and therefore easy to clean
  • high energy efficiency due to low operating power

Slat Band Chain Conveying Systems

Products on the four incoming lines have to be transferred to the four evacuative lines optionally. Every arriving line can be linked with every evacuative line.


Products arriving on several lanes, were integrated into one single line.

HELIFLEX Storage System

To increase the efficency of the production lines, short-time failures have to be buffered. Using the HELIFLEX Storage System, the efficiency of a line can be improved by 5% to 20%. The system independently recognises failures in the process and stores the products automatically. When the failure is eliminated, the buffered products are automatically re-introduced into the production process.

Individual Constructions

We like to proof our flexibility, our knowledge and experience by designing and assembling special equipment for our customers. The picture shows as an example a machine to turn blocks of cheese upside down, because the following packaging process requires the welding seam on top.
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